FHIR Management Policies

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FHIR Management Policies

This page contains policies and procedures as voted upon by FMG in weekly conference calls or WGMs.

  • From 2015-06-17 FMG Conference Call:
    • As long as scope is substantially the same, when content has been approved for inclusion in a release and is demoted or removed prior to publication, it shall still automatically be eligible for inclusion in the next release cycle without special approval being required.
  • From 2015-06-03 FMG Conference Call:
    • Motion to formally adjust the date for final content for DSTU 2 to end of August this year with the expectation that we then begin the QA process, and send out an email to co-chairs and FHIR announcing that intent explaining that it is driven by the volume of comments, as well as a request for volunteers who want to assist in making changes with intent to publish in mid to late September.

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