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Principles discussed in approving Connectathons associated with HL7 OOC Meetings -

  • needs to be sponsored by HL7 International or an affiliate, and approved by FMG.

Criteria for FMG approval

  • Must submit names of the coordinator and technical lead for the connectathon
    • need to have at least one person familiar with FHIR
    • Persons should have participated in a prior connectathon, having an implementation, etc…
    • Remains a judgment call from FMG for now
  • Identify what version of the spec on which they will draw,
    • need to assert if they have requirements for a frozen version of the spec and what other requirements they have.
  • describe the scenarios to execute, and
  • prepare a report on lessons learned or feedback.
    • Comments from experience will be DSTU comments.

General principles of Connectathons at the IHE Wiki at http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=Connectathon_Principle.

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