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This page contains references to social media sources related to FHIR: blogs, videos, pinterest et.al.

Blogs that cover FHIR

  • Health Intersections - Grahame Grieve's blog, including coverage of FHIR
  • The FHIR Place - Ewout Kramer's blog, covers FHIR development and implementations
  • Hay on FHIR - David Hay's blog, covers mainly FHIR Implementation issues
  • Healthcare Security/Privacy - John Moehrke's blog, covers FHIR and other
  • Healthcare Standards - Keith (Motorcycle Guy) Boone's blog, covers FHIR among many other things
  • BizTalk on FHIR - Howard Edidin's blog, covers FHIR along with other information
  • Light My FHIR! - A blog from the FHIR team at MITRE Corporation, covering a variety of topics
  • AEGIS Insights - AEGIS.net, Inc blog site covering FHIR, Interoperability, Testing and other related topics
  • FHIRabend - Simone Heckmann's Blog about FHIR in Germany, thus: mostly but not exclusively German
  • Helios Software - Steve Munini's blog about FHIR, and healthcare product development.
  • fhirbase dojo - Group Blog about FHIR and databases.
  • Nicola on FHIR - Nikolai Ryzhikov (CTO of Health Samurai) blog about engineers challenges on FHIR

Video channels that cover FHIR

Other Sources of FHIR News

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