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The HL7 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Immunization Functional Profile Project is an activity of the HL7 EHR Work Group, with contributions from other interested parties. (See project contributor list for further details.) The project will develop a Functional Profile of ISO/HL7 10781 EHR System Functional Model Release 2, focused on the immunization domain and derived from exemplary use cases.

Please subscribe to the HL7 EHR Work Group listserver for meeting announcements, agendas and updates on current work.

Note: DRAFT documents may be incomplete and are posted for Team review and discourse. Please take care to note their draft (tentative) status if referencing or sharing with others.

The Immunization Functional Profile Project (IFP) Team meets every Tuesday at 2PM ET. GoToMeeting: Dial-in (US): +1 (571) 317-3122 Access Code: 597-758-325

Key Project Contributions

Project Overview

Immunization Use Case Worksheet

Key References

HL7 EHR/PHR System Functional Models and Profiles

Federal Health Information Model (FHIM)


FHIR Fulfills EHR-S FM Requirements

Meeting Notes and Slides

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