Create Consent model for use in CcontrolAct wrappers

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Create Consent model for use in CcontrolAct wrappers

Opened 2006-09-04
Assigned to Patrick Loyd(Wrappers R2 project)
Old action item 1122
  • Updated 20100112 ajulian

Create Consent model for use in CcontrolAct wrappers, ControlActs

  • 2006-09-04 - Rene, New. w/ Bob Dolin, Jari Porrasmaa, create controlAct R-MIM with Consent, suggest ways to pre-adopt it. SeeConsent in Queries for details.
  • 2006-12-22 - Consent now is the responsibility of the CBCC SIG (Rob Swenson, Richard Thoreson, Max Walker), part of the Patient Care TC. The co-chairs have been informed that they have this joint workitem with INM.
  • 2006-12-22: note the link with action item #33 (detectedIssue CMET and the management thereof)
  • 2007-01-01: will be discussed during a Monday breakfast meeting with CBCC SIG, and during a Thursday quarter at the January2007 WGM.
  • 20070502: WGM: Rene: did talk to Kathleen, no meeting with CBCC this WGM. INM’s concern is to ensure that a generalized (cross domain, cross realm) version ends up in the right place in the controlAct wrapper. INM to assist CBCC in creating the consent model for use in the wrapper.
  • 20070814, item re-assigned from René to Charlie McKay (Wrappers R2 project)
  • 20080114:WGM:Scott will contact Charlie
  • 20100112:Charlie** abandoned with guilt — this is not something that I have current interests in – I suggest that they be either closed, or passed to whoveer is working on the follow-on “wrappers R2” project — the wrappers R2 project was timeboxed, and we did not achieve sufficient momentum to deliver within the timebox and it should be formally closed if that has not already happened.

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