Community-Based Care and Privacy (CBCP)

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Leadership Governance Weekly_Meeting_Information

Johnathan Coleman Initiative Coordinator OCPO/ONC/HHS (CTR)

Suzanne Gonzales-Webb Department of Veteran Affairs (Book Zurman)

Jim Kretz Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

David Pyke Ready Computing, HL7 Canada

CBCC Decision Making Processes last revised at JAN 2017 WGM

CBCC Mission Statement last reviewed at JAN 2017 WGM

CBCC SWOT last reviewed at JAN 2017 WGM

CBCC 3-Year Plan last reviewed at JAN 2017 WGM

Weekly: Tuesday at 12 Noon EST (9 AM PST), Conference Audio: (515) 604-9861; Access Code: 429554

Dial-in Number:  (515) 604-9861;  Access Code: 429554
Online Meeting Link:  

If prompted:

  • Click on Join an Online Meeting
  • at Join Meeting Enter Online Meeting ID: cbhs
  • Enter Name, e-mail if prompted
  • Run the FCC_Installer if prompted

Please be aware that teleconference meetings are recorded to assist with creating meeting minutes

Community Based Care and Privacy (CBCP) Upcoming Calendar

January 2018 CBCP Working Group Meeting - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA - January 27-February 02, 2018 DRAFT AGENDA

September 2017 CBCC Working Group Meeting - San Diego, California USA - September 10-15, 2017 Agenda and Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

May 2017 CBCC Working Group Meeting - Madrid, Spain, May 06-12, 2017 DRAFT AGENDA

CBCP Working Group Teleconference Agenda and Meeting Minutes

HL7 CBCC FHIR THURSDAY Meeting   1 PM ET hosted by CBCP 
Dial-in Number: (515) 604-9861  (International Dial-in Numbers are provided on the free conference page)
Access Code: 429554
Online Meeting Link:
Wiki:  HL7 FHIR Consent Directive Project
FHIR Security Topics  
Meeting Information:  Tuesdays 2:00PM PT/5:00PM ET
Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Participant Code: 845692 hosted by Security 
Web meeting Info:  
Discussion includes: Security - Audit, Provenance, Labels, Signature
Wiki: FHIR Security Topics

Weekly CBCP Working Group Teleconference

LINK TO: CBCC Meeting Minutes and Agenda ARCHIVE

Working Group Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Action Item List

CBCC Project Space


The following documents are work in progress:


Approved Projects

DRAFT Project Scope Statements

CDA R3 Proposals

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