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CDA R2.1 Project

Welcome to the CDA R2.1 Project Wiki Site. On these pages we will manage the various moving pieces necessary to support development of CDA Release 2.1

  • How do we limit significant changes in CDA R2.1?
    • Guiding principles used to limit the scope of changes to be incorporated into CDA R2.1
      • Are we asserting data types backwards compatibility
      • Supporting changes which are optionally included, so old instances will still process in the new Schema.
    • To limit significant changes, we will following process:
      • Accept omitted attribute inclusion from the RIM
      • Require SDWG committee votes to include additional optional classes to the CDA R2.1

Project Information

  • We have a new WIKI site for the CDA R2.1 Editors: Secure WIKI Editing
    • You will need a login to access the site, please join the project call and let us know what you are willing to work on a topic.
    • Here is link to the CDA R2.1 Status for editing. Please add your name to areas you are working on, and keep track of your progress using this page.

Contact Calvin Beebe, if you are interested to becoming an editor and attending the training session.

  • Proposed Project Dates
    • Project Scope Statement Approved - Target: 2014 February
    • Project plan with resource assignments - Target: 2014 April
  • Revisions
    • Submit Ballot for Comment- 2017 May Ballot
    • Complete ballot Reconciliation - Target: 2017 July
    • Integrate ballot comments - Target: 2017 July
    • Submit for Normative Ballot - Target: 2017 Sept
    • Complete ballot Reconciliation - Target: 2017 Nov
    • Submit for Publication - Target: 2017 Dec
    • Receive ANSI Approval - Target: 2018 Feb
    • Project End Date - Target: 2018 Feb

Meeting Times Current Agenda

Conference Calls

The CDA R2.1 Project Team conference call is scheduled every Friday at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.
It is scheduled for 1 hour.

Participation Information

Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270
Participant Passcode: 310940

Web Meeting Info

Participant: Join a Meeting

Global Crossing Conf#: 866-365-4406
Access Code: 284-3827
Calvin to Host

Agenda Items

Current Agenda

  1. CDA R2.1 Data Type Issues
    1. languageCode – was CS, CDA R2.1 proposed CE – need to establish defaults for required attributes of CE. Location and edit suggestions.
    2. versionNumber – was INT, CDA R2.1 proposed ST – issue with @value not present, not sure we can accomplish this.
  2. Revision proposed by Brett for item #49
    1. “Authenticated documents, need to convey with fidelity the clinical content reviewed by the legal and other authenticator(s).”  At minimum, a system conveying fidelity must provide the capability to display patient information, the section.text, and relevant participants. - Discussion on change.
  3. Wiki Editing Project Update - Andy
    1. Review of draft of the CDA R2.1 ballot from wiki content.
  4. Remaining CDA R2.1 RIM & Schemas
    1. Review Schema / SchemaLagacy builds (source)
    2. Updates made to VOC file draft updates to 2.36c (Normative 2011 Edition)
      1. Need 2.35 RIM schema files, especially VOC to move edits.
      2. Need RIM 2.35 narrative files to edit value set documentation
  5. Open Topics
    1. Inclusion of LOINC codes in appendix

Lists and Links

Past Minutes Documents, Action Items, Etc. See also

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